SHP supports REMAIN campaign

Britain is not just stronger in Europe, it is more imaginative and more creative, and our global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away.”
Remain Campaign Support Letter from Britain’s artists and creative industry

This statement is particularly true for SimpsonHaugh and Partners (SHP). Our clients, projects and people benefit from the cultural and creative diversity that is possible due to Britain’s openness within the EU. We believe that without confidence in the strength, stability and security the British economy has inside the EU, many of our key projects wouldn’t have happened, and we wouldn’t be the thriving architectural practice we are today.

Here’s why:

Sharing creativity and talent

SHP’s success relies on employing the most talented and creative individuals. Freedom within the EU to travel, study and work has added to the UK knowledge-base and given the practice access to an enriched pool of creative design talent. With Britons and Europeans free to travel, study and work across the EU, the collective knowledge base, understanding and passion has strengthened, providing us with an enriched talent pool to choose from. The varying cultural experiences converge in a melting pot of ideas and inspiration, upon which the successful future of our built communities and place-making depends.

Non-British EU citizens currently make up 20% of SHP staff. Leaving the EU would rob us of the cultural diversity and exchange that contributes to producing great architecture.

Expanding across the EU

Having access to EU markets and influence has allowed SHP to work on projects outside of the UK. This brings new opportunities to expand our portfolio and presents new challenges from which to learn, helping us build a brighter future for our employees. We are currently completing a landmark cultural project in Antwerp, a 2,000-seat concert hall and new home for the DeFilharmonie orchestra. Common rules and trade regulations have made this possible.

Supporting equal pay and non-discrimination

Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. Membership of the EU has allowed important challenges to traditional inequalities in the UK construction industry. As partners with the AR Women in Architecture campaign, we are aware that while the profession achieves equal numbers of female and male intake to university courses, it hasn’t resolved how to stop female architects from dropping out of the industry post qualification. The solution to this is best coordinated and established with our European counterparts – together we are stronger.