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Becoming an Architect is no simple feat, which is why we would like to recognize two of our team members, Mike and Thomas, who have put in a lot time and effort to complete their Part III exams successfully.

Here's what they had to say about the experience and how they celebrated this accomplishment.

Mike Ellis, Architect

“The best part about completing Part III is that the process of compiling the document, studying for the exam, and reflecting for the interview allows you to walk away with a much better understanding of the work you’ve been involved in and the projects moving forward. It’s like walking around with prescription glasses on! The process was gruelling and time-consuming, but the help and encouragement from my colleagues made it bearable. For anyone thinking of studying for their Part III my advice would be to start the process early!

To celebrate I was planning on going travelling, but with the whole global pandemic that has proven to be difficult...Instead a quiet drink and plans for globe-trotting when everything eventually blows over will have to do. I’m really looking forward to time spent pursuing long-guilt-ridden hobbies, like painting, drawing, and reading.”

Thomas Jephson, Architect

“It was very exciting to get the opportunity to follow a landmark project of the magnitude of One Blackfriars although Covid did cut my time on site short! Still, I feel like I have learnt such a lot of information in a short period of time and I’m looking forward to applying it on future projects.

Obviously, the celebrations weren’t what they would usually be because of the times that we are in. However, I did manage to celebrate with friends that I have gone through my whole architectural educational life with which felt like completing the circle!”