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Earlier this month a sculpture by Idris Khan was unveiled in the middle of the new piazza between One Blackfriars and the Bankside Hotel. Commissioned by St George City Ltd and Southwark Council, the towering 8-metre installation is made up of 65,000 photographs from the artist’s own personal collection. The photos have been cast in aluminium and stacked on top of each other to create blocks that grow in relation to the dimensions of standard photographic prints: 5x7, 10x7,12x6, etc. The piece is Khan’s first permanent installation in the UK and is meant to represent the volume of photography in its printed form as well as the passage of time, made tangible by this collection of captured moments.



Idris Khan, Artist

“I am delighted I can now place something in the urban landscape that will invite viewers to reflect on their own thoughts about passing time.”