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The Architecture Room’s curator Farshid Moussavi invited entrants to submit construction coordination drawings to celebrate architecture as an “instruction-based art”. We were asked to “produce artworks that show the interrelationships and full complexity of the different systems and parts of buildings”. Out of 12,000 entries, our artwork was one of just over 1,200 selected for display – an amazing achievement for everyone involved in our artwork’s development.

Created by Andy McConachie and David Ferment, the artwork was originally designed as one panel featuring a sequence of five façade construction drawings. After making it through the first stage selection, we were asked if we might make the artwork ‘less architectural’ when submitting it for the second stage selection. After a rigorous refining process, we decided to consider the drawings purely for their graphic strength. The three strongest images where chosen and hung together, creating a balanced, horizontal and colourful composition.

From left to right, the final three artwork panels show:

  • the inclination of each façade glass panel as the façade is not purely vertical at any point
  • the amount each glass panel needs to be skewed or twisted into place
  • the transom variation – across the whole façade there are seven transom types used to secure the glass in place. The colour coding on this construction drawing notes which of those transoms needs to be used with which glass panel

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

Tuesday 13th June – Saturday 20th August 2017
Saturday – Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 10pm
Main Galleries, Burlington House

£15.50 (without donation £14).
Concessions available. Friends of the RA, and under 16s go free when with a fee-paying adult.