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It takes many years study and a lot of dedication to become an architect. That's why we want to acknowledge the hard work that Andrew Edwards, Antonia Frondella, Ben Simpson, Chris Trunfield and Suzanne Bowman have put into passing their Part III exams.

Here's what Ben and Chris have to share about their Part III experience.

Ben Simpson, Architect

"I used UCLan Engineering and Innovation centre while studying for my Part III at RIBA North West. It was hard work, but the wealth of resource from people who have done it before makes it a lot easier. I was annoyed that at the interview I was asked about out of date legislation. My advice to those studying for their Part III is don’t try and work from home - you’ll get nothing done, come into the office and sit down at your PC. All of your files and emails are at work and it's where you are most productive. Don’t kid yourself thinking you’ll work well at home.
I found out that I had passed on a coach on my way into Rome city centre from the airport. My wife and I looked like nutters jumping up and down celebrating. I'm enjoying having a life again, seeing friends, drinking beer."

Chris Trunkfield, Architect

"Like Ben, I studied at RIBA North West, but used Belgrade Plaza Phase 2 as my case study. I didn’t go overboard. I spent a couple of hours every evening after work and every other weekend over a 4 month period. I tried to stay consistent and be efficient, which allowed me to still have my own free time.
For those currently studying their Part III, I don’t think that you need to wait for the perfect project to base your case study on. Just get it done on whatever project you are currently working or have previously worked on. Also don’t leave all of your PEDR’s until the end!
I went about celebrating my success slightly differently. I went to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday when I was supposed to be studying for Part III, so I counted that as an early celebration!"