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Becoming an architect is by no means an easy feat. That's why we asked Arrash and Elena to share their Part III journey stories, which we hope inspire and comfort those about to embark on the same path.

Arrash Fakouri, Architect

"Studying at Westminster University, I used One Blackfriars as my case study. My Part III experience was tiring, but I learnt a lot. My advice for those studying their Part III is that it's not that big a deal. Don’t get hesitant because it’s the professional/legal portion of training and waste time stressing or avoiding. If you’ve made it this far, you’re capable to finish. The challenge is regularly finding the time outside of work to study, especially when workloads in the office can
fluctuate and that is not entirely in your control. The sooner you engage with the material, the sooner it becomes less daunting. You’re not training to be a lawyer.
To celebrate, I saw the new Blade Runner moving at IMAX (I'd recommend it). And now I look forward to gloating at people starting their Part III - only joking!"

Elena De Dominici, Architect

"I studied at University College London – The Barlett, and used the arches project at Circus West Village, Battersea Power Station Phase 1, for my case study. The course was intense and demanding to do in a year, but it was totally worth the effort. I had so much good advice from everyone that I don’t feel like I was lacking any. My advice for those embarking on their Part III is to talk to who’s gone through the process and knows more is definitely useful. Then I would say just to keep on top of things as a general rule is also good advice.
I'm currently planning my next long holiday to celebrate! And I look forward to everything. I have things and personal projects to think about for the next two or three years at least! I miss reading non-Part III related books and going to non-part III related lectures and events a lot."