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The aim is to draft a series of policy measures and recommendations that are simple and actionable and have the potential to lead to measurable reductions in the construction industry’s carbon emissions.

If LETI is successful there will be a series of positive changes that all architectural practices will be exposed to, from pre-planning stages and planning application submissions, to making all parties involved approach the energy hierarchy in a renewed way. This was interestingly pitched as “be lean, be clean, be green, be seen”. It was inspiring to see how the sustainability sector takes initiative for change and aims to positively influence policy.

Clara Bagenal George, who initiated LETI, coordinated a workshop with over 100 industry stakeholders who drafted a final report recently discussed with the Greater London Authority (GLA). The ambition is to have the measures and recommendations from this report implemented in the London Plan and the London Environment Strategy. Central to the event was the signing up as an individual to support the LETI proposals and to find further support amongst peers to generate momentum for the proposals.

The event was an excellent opportunity to witness the changes happening at the forefront before implementation. Four speakers each provided a brief summary of the conclusions from their respective working groups. These focused on the revision of energy targets, heat networks, carbon offset payments, and energy use disclosure. Throughout the presentations there were multiple hear, hears from the various industry leaders and experts in attendance.

You can support this initiative too: visit www.leti.london to read the report and sign up as a supporter at www.leti.london/become-a-supporter