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As with all architectural projects, successfully building an installation is only possible with the support of a committed and talented team. From SimpsonHaugh, Alastair Keyte who helped develop the design for construction, and model makers Kristin Mishra and Kaia Williams who designed and created the sponsor fins, to our main sponsor Martifer Metallic Constructions who supplied, built and fitted the installation. In the same way that THIRTY represents SimpsonHaugh’s three decades of work, the process of building it reflects the collaborative working relationships that have contributed to that success. It was very much a team effort.

Our main challenge was time. Having just returned from my honeymoon to find out my entry had won, we had just three weeks left to realise the proposal. Following a swift review of the competition design, a few minor changes such as rationalising the number and height of fins, to changes in materiality, made with a specific sponsor in mind, enabled the proposal to be constructed in the short timescale.

Once the design was finalised, Martifer began manufacturing the installation in Portugal. As the podium façade subcontractor at Battersea Power Station Phase 1: Circus West Village, Martifer has worked with SimpsonHaugh for some time. With team members spread across Manchester, London and Lisbon, our strong existing working relationship made this process much quicker and easier. Thanks to their great enthusiasm for the project, Martifer delivered and set up the installation in just two weeks, which was no easy feat. I was also extremely impressed by the high quality of the finished structure, which greatly exceeded my expectations. The strip light supplied by iGuzzini illuminating the installation was a nice addition I hadn’t considered, which gave the form a greater presence at night.

Observing members of the public take interest in the installation, even taking photographs of it, made the experience of seeing my proposal come to fruition even more exciting and rewarding.