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At last year’s awards, we were very impressed with the high standard of models produced by students across the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) course.

Modelmaking is an integral component in the practice of architectural design, providing the first opportunity to bring two dimensional drawings and sketches into the three dimensional world as physical objects.

Physical models are tools to fully test, explore and understand building designs; they convey the true effects of scale, light, shade, materiality and aesthetics where computer technology may restrict us.

This year, we would like to see students demonstrate an understanding of appropriate scale, tools and materials in the construction of their models, as well as a consideration of material costs, time frame and build approach.

Although final presentation models are a great way to bring together a completed design and polish our making skills, we would like to see evidence of sketch/study models which test and explore design elements. These quick studies bring greater depth and substance to a project, which sequentially lead to more refined presentation models.

At SimpsonHaugh we use physical models to develop and refine building proposals. Models are used as tools within the design teams, in client meetings and for public consultation as a means of translating drawings and ideas into a tangible reality which can be more clearly understand through physical interaction.

We are very much looking forward to seeing models produced by MSA students again this year.

For more information about the awards, please visit: B.15 Modelmaking Workshop's blog page.