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We were finalists in this anonymous design contest seeking concept designs for Lithuania’s new €25M National Science and Innovation Centre along with an urban integration plan for Nemunas Island.

Science Island’s perspective on three interrelated scientific themes, the Human, the Machine and Nature/Ecology, will be framed by the future: the most likely outcomes for the world, alternative scenarios, and the extent to which each of us is part of that unfolding process. The project’s overall aim is to foster and advance the development of science and culture in Kaunas, and in Lithuania as a whole.

Designed to embody the essence of science and innovation, to become an exemplar of sustainable and renewable technologies, and to sensitively enhance and complement the rich architectural heritage of Kaunas, our proposal for the Science and Innovation Centre is inviting, intriguing, exciting and inspiring - a place for everyone to experience a new piece of the city.

Project information

  • Client

    Municipality of Kaunas

  • Status


  • Area

    9,000 sq m

  • Start


  • Elements

    5 Galleries
    Events spaces
    Meeting rooms
    Archive room

  • Awards

    2016 Kaunas Science Island Design Competition Finalist

Core Team