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BBC Teach have recently launched a brand-new educational series, 'Then and Now', exploring the History topic: Changes within Living Memory. The six short videos in the series focus on changes within the UK across a range of topics that resonate with KS1 pupils: Clothes, Homes, Schools, Shops, Toys and Transport.

Focusing on the theme of Changes Within Living Memory, from the 1940's to the present day, the clips use a timeline to reinforce the chronology of events and to give a visual sense of the passage of time. To explore how things have changed, each short film includes an interview with an adult sharing their memories in answer to questions asked by 5-7-year-old children.

Co-Founding partner, Ian Simpson, was pleased to be involved in the educational series and took part in the child-led interview for the 'Homes' category. Within the short film, Ian was asked about his childhood home and his memories of growing up there in the 50s and 60s, and how homes back then can be different to how they are now.

The educational series will be used by teachers to support and compliment the current History curriculum. The 'Homes' film presents a great opportunity to get children interested in history and the built environment from a young age. SimpsonHaugh are pleased to have been involved with the BBC Teach Educational Series and to have supported such a valuable learning programme.