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Becoming an Architect is no simple feat, which is why we would like to recognise two of our team members, Madalina and Nicholas, who have put in a lot of time and effort to complete their Part III exams successfully.

Here are their thoughts about the experience and how they celebrated this accomplishment.

Madalina Papuc, Architect

“Reflecting on my Part III experience, I must say that the North West - Chester course and exam were thoroughly enjoyable. They gave me a comprehensive understanding of what it means to practice architecture. I am proud of my accomplishments as a Part II Architectural Assistant over the past five years, and I am thrilled with the results of my first exam in English. The interview was delightful, as it gave me an excellent opportunity to showcase my experience and career both in and outside the UK.
Of course, I wouldn't have achieved this without the help of my amazing study group, great mentor and office team. They supported and encouraged me throughout the process. To celebrate my success, I am planning a trip to Japan. This journey will be a fantastic way to mark the end of my Part III journey and to also celebrate my 30th birthday!”

Nicholas Nilsen, Architect

“My Part III experience was a lot of hard work and required a lot of dedication in the evenings and over weekends, but overall, it was a really valuable experience to go through. I’ve learned a huge amount about elements of construction projects I’ve had limited involvement with previously, such as the legal side of things, including appointments, building contracts, and liabilities. I think developing this knowledge has given me a much more nuanced understanding of the realities of the construction industry and our role within it as architects.
The timing worked out perfectly, as shortly after the final interview, me and my partner welcomed the birth of our daughter. So now I’ve got my free time back, I’ll be spending all of it bringing up a child! But I’m hoping to also get back to cycling – I’ve not been able to go for a ride at the weekend for about 3 months!”