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Recognising and rewarding talent at all levels throughout the practice demonstrates the opportunities available to succeed and develop our career paths at SimpsonHaugh. It gives us great pleasure to welcome seven colleagues into their new positions, who have each demonstrated commitment, collaboration and initiative, helping us evolve a creative and learning environment: Fairuz Hanapiah, Andrew Edwards, Javier Gonzalez, Stuart Wheeler, Henry Mulligan, Tara Welsby and Tatiana Vedernikova. Congratulations to all!

Fairuz Hanapiah, Associate

“The recent achievements I’m most proud of are being entrusted to run Smokehouses to completion with relative autonomy, returning to full time work and still making time for my growing children, learning that I can still draw freehand perspective sketches, and achieving this promotion in the time I did giving recognition to the body of work I’ve contributed along with my growth and position within the practice.”

Andrew Edwards, Project Architect

"Following the construction of One Blackfriars has been a real highlight, being able to see the drawings I’ve worked on become a reality. Even now, years later, whenever I walk past or see it on the skyline, it puts a smile on my face just to know how fortunate I am to have been part of the talented team who worked so hard to bring it to life.”

Javier Gonzalez, Project Architect

“I feel that in some of our projects there is a strong link between architecture and the field of arts, in particular, with regard to a sculptural approach. I would like to take this as an opportunity to keep researching and developing this line of work within the practice, exploring new formal expressions and ideas, whilst continuing to develop as an architect.”

Stuart Wheeler, Project Architect

“There’s been quite a few moments that I’ve particularly enjoyed during my time at SimpsonHaugh. However, seeing Smokehouses and the rest of Smith’s Dock emerge back home will always be special and I hope that my favourite moment on the project is still to come there when the masterplan is realised in its fullest.”

Henry Mulligan, Project Lead

“One recent achievement that really sticks out is getting planning consent for Crown Street and watching the project start on site so close to the office. It’s refreshing to have a project move so quickly, from concept to construction – it’s different in that respect to other projects I’ve worked on.”

Tara Welsby, Operations/Events Assistant

“I want to contribute even more to the successful running of the practice by becoming an even more vital part of the team. I also want to learn more HR responsibilities, like interviewing and integrating new starters.”

Tatiana Vedernikova, Project Finance Assistant

“Settling in and working within the pace of the finance team is an achievement I’m very proud of. There are a lot of deadlines and schedules, which I am just beginning to get used to! I have enjoyed pulling and analysing various project data, and getting it ready for various partner and project lead meetings.”