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Becoming an Architect is no simple feat, which is why we would like to recognise five of our team members, Callum, Jack, Linda, Lorenzo and Peter, who have put in a lot of time and effort to complete their Part III exams successfully.

Here are their thoughts about the experience and how they celebrated this accomplishment.

Callum Wray, Architect

"Some advice I would give someone studying for their Part III would be that support is everything. Doing the course alongside a colleague goes a long way. Get involved in a study group and meet early and often via zoom calls or in person. Talk to your mentor and colleagues frequently to gain a better understanding of the professional and ethical aspects of being an Architect.
"I was fortunate enough to be in Egypt on annual leave when I got my results. I celebrated with my family and fiancé the following day with a series of dives in the Red Sea. When I got back, I was presented with a bottle of Champagne from my colleague Andy Edwards! I aim to use all the free time I’ve gained to plan my wedding for June next year, as well as meeting up with friends and family I have not seen in a while. I also plan to focus on new hobbies such as climbing, photography and videography, to complete a dry-suit dive course, and apply to an electrician’s course.”

Jack Poulton, Architect

"The exam itself was less stressful than I had feared – the reality is that you just get into a zone of writing, you have no time for self-doubt. I am grateful that I took the exam with Peter, as together we reminded each other of the time, avoiding one of the big potential pitfalls of the exam – running out of time. I ended up having my interview whilst I was on holiday in New Zealand. Given the 12-hour time difference, we ended up having it at 7am! Prior to the interview, my colleague Craig very kindly reviewed my exam answers and provided feedback, which was a massive help!
"I found out I had passed whilst on a road trip along the east coast of New Zealand, so I celebrated with a couple of drinks in the only bar for 40 miles. Now I have my free time back, I’m looking forward to attending more music and sports events (it’s been great to attend the Women’s Rugby World Cup whilst being out here) and start using my gym membership again!”

Linda Koltsin, Architect

“It was super helpful that Callum and I were on the same course, as I never felt alone with the studies and with us both working on the same project, we could tie what we were working on with our studies. Our colleague Andy Edwards was also a great support to us during this year! It was really encouraging to have the whole London office rooting for us and supporting us on this journey. The interview seemed really scary, but it was actually a great opportunity to showcase all your experience and knowledge!

"To celebrate passing I went out for drinks first with the London studio and later with our lovely study group. It will be great to have free time again and I’m excited to do some travelling next year. I’m also looking forward to catching up guilt-free on all the series I’ve missed and picking up a non-Part 3 book for the first time in a year!"

Lorenzo Ravaioli, Architect

“I found the course insightful, challenging and fast paced! I committed to undertaking the course less than a year ago, so it has all happened quite quickly. It has been a few months of rigorous studying after work and at weekends, so it felt like an all-encompassing deep dive into architecture. The period between the course, which ended in March, and the exams was spent ensuring I had all documents in order.

"I have just returned from an amazing celebratory trip to Venice Art Biennale with my family and partner after receiving the good news that I’d passed! Now I’m looking forward to having my weekends back and travelling. The nature of the course at the AA required a couple of intensive months of study group meet-ups and reading through contract documents, so I am thrilled to be able to just relax, catch up with some friends, and enjoy London before I think up what to do next.”

Peter Bell, Architect

“Looking back at my Part III experience, I enjoyed the course and writing the case. I gained a more in-depth experience of the ‘practice’ of being an architect. I found it particularly interesting reflecting on the last 10 years and seeing what I have accomplished and the projects I have worked on. The biggest challenge was finding the time required outside of work to write the case study and revise for the exams.

"The exam and the interview were quite spread out, so I decided to celebrate each completed milestone regardless of my result. To celebrate, I ate lots of posh food and went for drinks with friends. I also treated myself to a celebratory gift of a good bottle of bourbon and a new power tool. Now I have some more free time, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends, as well as the ongoing renovation of my house (hence the power tool).”