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Our vision is the creation of a new vibrant community based around the principles of a 'village', with its own unique sense of identity derived from its riverside setting within the city. The development is designed to meet low carbon, BREEAM and EcoHomes excellent standards.

The masterplan framework has been developed to encourage a cohesive sense of community both at the macro and micro levels. This is achieved through a carefully considered approach to urban design, communal space, the integration of landscape, and the creation of a variety of family homes of different type and tenure, all with an emphasis on quality.

Our designs use a palette of high-quality materials, complimented by rich landscaping, to create a place that is urban rather than suburban in nature. The proposed density of population will produce a lively and sustainable community that contributes towards a safe and welcoming environment.

The provision and position of local amenities such as transport infrastructure, retail centres, school, medical services, green communal space, amenity spaces, leisure and sport facilities within the East End have been considered in the preparation of our masterplan. The development provides for a family-friendly neighbourhood, with a mix of homes to satisfy the anticipated market demands.

The village has evolved primarily as a place that is 'people-centred', creating a compact neighbourhood that encourages walking and cycling, and provides places in which people can interact. We considered these qualities to be essential for the creation of a successful community in which families will want to live, people will want to visit and that will contribute to the wider generation of Glasgow's East End.

Project information

  • Client

    Progress Property Developments Ltd

  • Status

    Competition (Finalist)

  • Area

    27,000 sq m

  • Start


  • Completion


  • Consultants

    Collaborating Architects: Elder & Cannon, GM+AD, Reiach & Hall, Nord
    Landscape Architects: Scott Wilson
    Civil Engineer/Infrastructure: Woolgar Hunter
    Sustainability Consultant: Cyril Sweett, Ramboll Whitbybird
    Transport Consultant: JMP
    Community Benefits Consultant: Streets UK

  • Elements

    Facilities and accommodation for 8,000 athletes and officials [Commonwealth Games 2014]
    1600 dwellings
    Riverside Park and Community Hub
    Civic Squares and Semi-Private Courtyards
    Landmark Commercial Buildings
    Older Persons' Residential Care Home
    Large Water Feature with Marketplace