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Becoming an Architect is no simple feat, which is why we would like to recognise two of our team members, Charlie and James, who have put in a lot of time and effort to complete their Part III exams successfully.

Here are their thoughts about the experience and how they celebrated this accomplishment.

Charlie White, Architect

"I really enjoyed the seminar weekends - they were long days, and it was a lot of information to take in, but overall it was a great introduction to the course. It was also great to come together with lots of Part IIs from different practices. I bumped into a few friends from my undergraduate, and even made a few new ones. The periods of writing the case study and revising for the exam were definitely intense. Working normal hours and spending the evenings reading about architecture required some real self-discipline! The exam itself passed surprisingly smoothly - once you enter the zone you don't have time to stress.
"I found out I'd passed while sat at my desk so my team for the Manchester studio went out for drinks after work to celebrate. The next day I went out with my study group and then that weekend I went down to London to celebrate with some friends there. I'm now looking forward to not having to spend my evenings studying. As soon as I finished, I also had a strange craving to go to the cinema - I think because I hadn't been able to justify watching anything longer than an episode for the last few months"

James Kennedy, Architect

"Going through the Part III experience alongside Charlie was a massive help. We were able to share our resources and discuss topics and issues that were relevant to both our case studies. In the run up to the exam we also formed a study group with friends from other practices, which allowed us to share our experiences and knowledge and gain an insight into how other practices and projects are run.
"We received our results just before the Easter weekend, so I was able to spend the long weekend celebrating. I got back over to Belfast to catch up with friends and family and celebrate over a few nice meals and drinks. I'm currently planning for a trip to New York in a few week's time! This is somewhere I've always wanted to visit so it will be a great way to celebrate the end of my Part III journey, and tick off a few buildings from the architectural bucket list.!"