Excellence combines an intuitive and elegant design response with an optimum reconciliation of all the constraints related to a project. The practice seeks to gain a thorough understanding of a Client’s aspirations and needs so that the design process is focused on satisfying the functional brief and all the ambitions that can shape the architectural solution.

Retaining the Vision

The practice aims to define the design vision for its projects. It will be a robust concept that embodies the shared aspirations of the Client, stakeholders and all other participants in its realisation. The practice is committed to retaining the original design vision and encouraging all those involved to understand and strive to exceed the Client’s expectations.


However creative it may be, a design proposal is only successful if it represents a solution that reconciles the totality of a project’s requirements. Throughout the process, the practice generates numerous intuitive design responses which it rigorously evaluates with the aim of refining the Brief and allowing an optimum solution to emerge.


Innovative solutions emerge from a greater understanding of and new insights into existing design challenges. The practice takes an analytical approach which involves detailed interrogation of a project Brief, its constraints and routine assumptions of what is possible.